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The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics SEO

When I run a PPC campaign, or do marketing around a specific webinar/event, Google Analytics is my “measuring” tool of choice. Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools for measuring various different metrics, and I use this tool for my Warren Knight website and Think Digital First website. As a small business, how […]

7 Inspirational Brands Using Visual Marketing Effectively Digital Marketing

Creating more engaging content throughout 2017 is the top priority for 73% of B2C content creators. Is effective visual marketing at the top of your priority list? This year has been the year of visual marketing for me, and I have spent more time, money and effort creating a variation of visuals and videos as […]

7 Tips For Repurposing Photos For Effective Brand Awareness Digital Marketing

Over 90% of marketers say they use visuals in more than 50% of their articles. If that’s true why do we get so many images that have had no thought put into them? After receiving an email from Facebook regarding “best practices” around Facebook Adverts, I decided to write an article on 7 tips for […]

The Most Up To Date Social Media Image Size Guide Social Media

Did you know that 73% B2C content creators said that “creating more visual content” was their top priority for 2017? Having consistent branding across all of your social networks is an important piece of the puzzle to building trust within your community online. Achieving this, means creating visuals that “fit” all of the dimensions for […]

Success Stories… Don’t Take My Word For It

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