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6 Powerful Tips on How-To Embrace Technology Business Growth

52% of brands are not ready to embrace a digital transformation, which means that by 2020 those companies will potentially fail, if businesses don’t start to embrace technology as a way to market their business. Over three years have gone by, and that is a long time in the world of technology. Since launching Think […]

The Challenges of Building Your Business For Fast Growth Business Growth

As I mentioned in the previous article I wrote about chapter three of Think #Digital First, what I am about to share with you today, as been the most revised, edited and updated chapter of the new edition. When I originally wrote chapter four over three years ago, I knew in the back of my […]

Protecting Your Time To Focus On Sales Business Growth

Are you a busy fool? One thing I’ve learnt in last three years between writing the first, and second edition of Think #Digital First is the impact it’s managing my work schedule has had on my life. Making the decision to have a ‘lifestyle’ where my work and family are one and not a work/life […]

Twitter Looking To Expand Character Limit To 280 Social Media

In the world of Social Media, things are constantly evolving. I am currently writing this, knowing I have already written this week’s piece of content for Think Digital First, but the digital world is unpredictable, and to speak on real-time news and keep my audience as up-to-date as possible, this is something that happens from […]

Success Stories… Don’t Take My Word For It

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