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What Are People Saying About Your Business? Digital Marketing

Did you know that 88% of the online population will take time out of their day to read reviews about a business online? As a business owner, it is so important that you are monitoring your online reputation, and understanding what is being said about your business both in a positive, and negative light. Have […]

Here’s What Social Network Has The Best Community For Your Business In 2018 Digital Marketing

When it comes to Social Media, there are always moving parts, and changes in the way they work, and how they are used. Just this week, a new social platform by the name Vero hit the headlines for growing to three million users (from under half a million) in the space of just a few […]

How To Make Professional Images, Infographics and Presentations Online Business Start-up, Digital Marketing

I remember writing the first edition of Think #Digital First in 2014, and bringing together a list of amazing tools that have helped me grow my business over the years. When it came round to writing the second edition last year, I noticed that there were a number of tools which were no longer available. […]

10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools For 2018 Social Media

Welcome to 2018. For my first piece of content in 2018, I wanted to write about my favourite social network. As you may know, Twitter is the social network that I am most engaged on. I have over 34,500 followers, and have been growing my Twitter audience through the use of a number of different […]

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