How to Achieve Sales From Blogging #Infographic

Did you know that 57% of companies with a blog acquire most customers? Blogging is an essential part of your businesses digital and content marketing, making it crucial for achieving sales. So, how can you generate more sales from having a blog? Keep reading. Blogging has been identified as one of the most successful ways […]

6 Simple Steps to Getting Social Sales

Getting sales is the most important part of your business because without making money, you’re business will not survive. Social Media has now become an integral part of a business’s customer acquisition journey however, understanding how to achieve sales through social can be difficult. Here are 6 simple steps to help you do that. Listen […]

21 New Content Marketing Rules for 2015

As I have always said, content is king. It has to be relevant, suitable for your audience and most importantly sharable. Over the years, the way we market our content has changed so to be as up to date as possible, here are 21 new content marketing rules for 2015. 1. Quality is just as […]

Drive Targeted Traffic From the Content You Share

In 2015 we need to be connecting even more with our target audience by sharing relevant content but that doesn’t mean we can’t market our services or products as long as we are still adding value. Openr has the perfect solution. You come across a great article that you’re audience will find interesting and that has […]

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase in 2015

The journey in which a customer takes to make a purchase has evolved. Consumers are using a number of different marketing channels which not only allow them to purchase, but also affect their buying decisions. Every small business wants to find a way to predict which marketing channels are going to best perform when it […]

Facebook Hate Me, Google Love ME

Why does Facebook hate me? Well, the hate might be a little strong. As part of my marketing strategy, I make sure my LinkedIn profile is optimised with goals I want to achieve. Because of this, I was contacted in 2012 by a booking agent to be a keynote speaker at Romania’s very 1st Internet & Mobile World. […]

7 Must Have Google Analytics Dashboards for eCommerce

Dashboards for the sake of eCommerce are crucial to understand where you are getting sales, conversions and hits and where you need to improve. Without knowing this, as a business, you cannot improve your marketing strategy. Here are 7 must have Google Analytic dashboards to help you with your eCommerce. Social Media Analytics Dashboard The social media […]

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