How To Rank: 6 Step SEO Master Plan

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot you need to know when looking at how to rank a web page higher on Google. For those new to SEO, the whole process can be very overwhelming so to simplify the process, here are 6 steps to creating a master SEO plan. 1. Keyword Research […]

The True Cost Of Selling Online

Following from my last blog; The importance of Payments for an eCommerce Business, I wanted to discuss payments in more detail, especially when it comes to the cost of selling online. I know that a lot of eCommerce businesses try and ignore or disregard the importance of managing the costs of selling online but it is […]

8 Tools To Help Test Your Website

I have had the pleasure to advise and mentor a young entrepreneur with her business which has been preparing for a big launch at the start of 2013. Starr has been working hard on marketing the business to companies that have a large database of start ups, small business owners, marketing managers and consultants which will help […]

The Importance of Mobile Commerce

Between summer 2011 and summer 2012, traffic to eCommerce sites were stemming from smartphones and tablets, growing by up to 200%. Its time to face the facts, Mobile Commerce is becoming more, and more important every single day. “Something had to be done to cater to mobile shoppers”. Richard Sejean – Director of e-commerce. I […]

Choosing A Name For Your Startup Business

For a startup, choosing a name requires careful thought. Some names are obvious – Facebook, Twitter. Some take a little thought – Google, for example. How companies go about choosing their names is often a very personal decision, and can come up with some weird but wonderful monikers. If you’re struggling with naming your new creation, here’s how […]

35 Creative Facebook Fan Page Photo Strips

I loved this article so much by Jason Keath, found of Social Fresh I decided to share it with you. If Facebook were still in college, it would be that friend that could never settle on a major. Switching every semester. Facebook is consistently changing things up on us marketers, for better or worse. I hesitate to […]

7 Questions to Consider for B2B eCommerce

When beginning an ecommerce project, there are many questions that you should consider before entering this extremely challenging task. After 10 years of near impossible ecommerce website launching, many B2B companies are wondering where they are going wrong- keep reading to find a possible solution to you ecommerce problem areas. 1.      Do you have a Long […]

Pay With A Tweet, Pay With A Like: New Social Payment Platforms

Head over to, and you’ll find an intriguing new social commerce model – where you can buy digital goods (music, software, ebooks, videos etc) and pay for them simply by tweeting them. It works like this; you simply click on the ‘Pay with a Tweet’ button, are asked to login to Twitter (or Facebook), edit […]

12 Twitter Tools To Remove Inactive Followers

People come and people go.. Some people update their Twitter statuses regularly and others not so regularly.. sometimes not at all! Some people’s last tweet may have been many months ago.. or even years ago. You would be surprised how many inactive Twitter accounts you are following or that are following you. There is no […]

eCommerce and Social Trends Powered By Magento

For organizations looking to combine the 3Cs of content, community and commerce into one all-encompassing ecommerce website, Magento offers an exceptional platform. Through its open source architecture, experienced programmers can build upon existing architecture to include performance-enhancing widgets that incorporate today’s hottest ecommerce trends, thus providing online consumers with the functionality they demand. Following are […]

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