12 Twitter Tools To Remove Inactive Followers

People come and people go.. Some people update their Twitter statuses regularly and others not so regularly.. sometimes not at all! Some people’s last tweet may have been many months ago.. or even years ago. You would be surprised how many inactive Twitter accounts you are following or that are following you. There is no […]

eCommerce and Social Trends Powered By Magento

For organizations looking to combine the 3Cs of content, community and commerce into one all-encompassing ecommerce website, Magento offers an exceptional platform. Through its open source architecture, experienced programmers can build upon existing architecture to include performance-enhancing widgets that incorporate today’s hottest ecommerce trends, thus providing online consumers with the functionality they demand. Following are […]

What To Do before, During and After Sending Your Blog #Cheatsheet

Writing the blog is only half the battle when it comes to posting on your website. You also need to consider the input before during and after the blog. Before When writing your blog, the first thing you must do is your research. The chances are, someone would have already written an article like the […]

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