Facebook Hate Me, Google Love ME

Why does Facebook hate me? Well, the hate might be a little strong. As part of my marketing strategy, I make sure my LinkedIn profile is optimised with goals I want to achieve. Because of this, I was contacted in 2012 by a booking agent to be a keynote speaker at Romania’s very 1st Internet & Mobile World. […]

7 Must Have Google Analytics Dashboards for eCommerce

Dashboards for the sake of eCommerce are crucial to understand where you are getting sales, conversions and hits and where you need to improve. Without knowing this, as a business, you cannot improve your marketing strategy. Here are 7 must have Google Analytic dashboards to help you with your eCommerce. Social Media Analytics Dashboard The social media […]

7 Ways To Guarantee Your Online Success

For any online business, you need to always have more traffic to make sure your business is thriving online. Some businesses struggle to plan how they are actually going to achieve online success and through what avenues they will achieve this. Here are 7 ways that will help you guarantee your online success. 1. Have […]

The True Power Of Social Media for SEO

A year ago I would not have stressed the importance of having a Strategy that complements SEO and online marketing however this has all changed. Social media is not only a way to discover new content, it also affects how a business is searched for and found through search engines. Something which I came across just yesterday was a […]

How To Rank: 6 Step SEO Master Plan

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot you need to know when looking at how to rank a web page higher on Google. For those new to SEO, the whole process can be very overwhelming so to simplify the process, here are 6 steps to creating a master SEO plan. 1. Keyword Research […]

The True Cost Of Selling Online

Following from my last blog; The importance of Payments for an eCommerce Business, I wanted to discuss payments in more detail, especially when it comes to the cost of selling online. I know that a lot of eCommerce businesses try and ignore or disregard the importance of managing the costs of selling online but it is […]

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