How to Use Social Media to Get Sales

First thing first; social media does NOT fix a broken business. I have had so many business owners and entrepreneurs approach me and say “I want more sales with social media NOW”. Unless your business has incorporated social media with your marketing strategy, and sales funnel you won’t be able to fully reap the benefits. […]

Ecommerce + Social Media = Social Commerce

Social shopping is expected to hit an all time high as we approach Christmas time. I have discussed the phrase “Social Commerce” in various online articles but only now, does it really mean more than ever. Matt from Digital Third Coast reached out to me, to share an infographic they had developed with Slant Marketing […]

It’s True, Pinterest Does Drive Sales #Infographic

Pinterest does drive sales

The wishlist and moodboard creator that is Pinterest is not just great for bookmarking all of your favourite items and creating that perfect wedding day look, or latest home renovation. Whilst you may not realise as you’re going through and taking mental notes of your next purchase inspired by Pinterest, brands are most definitely using […]

#TechTuesday: New Apple iPad Pro Review

After seeing the new Steve Jobs film, and Facebooking about it (with my iPhone) it was only right for me to continue my “Apple” support, and get a new toy! Some of you may already know that I love technology and gadgets – I can’t help myself when it comes to the latest Apple toy! […]

Where #Ecommerce Traffic Will Come From in 2016

The world of eCommerce has evolved dramatically over the last 8 years because of the way small businesses are being able to effectively market to their target audience online in the same way as their big brand competitors have been. A small business no longer needs to rely on SEO and offline marketing channels to sell […]

Social Media Done Right Does Drive Traffic

There can sometimes be a fine line between where social media stops, and SEO begins because when social media is done right, it can drive traffic and increase your online sales. Social media has, for the last couple of years played a huge part in search engine optimisation and how your business will rank in […]

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