10 Ways To Generate 20% More Website Traffic Today

10 Ways To Generate 20% More Website Traffic Today

Are you one of the 46% of small businesses that don’t have a website? Generating continuous website traffic is one of the most difficult parts of running a small business. As great as it is to generate traffic to your website through Social Media, do you analyse your organic click-through rate on Google? Google is […]

Twitter Marketing Statistics That Drive Sales

Twitter Marketing Statistics that Drive Sales

Twitter has been, and still is my favourite social network for connecting with my target audience and having a two-way conversation. With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some statistics around holiday shopping behaviours based specifically on Twitter users. It is time to, as a small business, develop a Twitter […]

[News Alert] How to Add Your URL To Instagram In 15 Seconds

Did you know: Instagram’s per-following engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook? Earlier this year Instagram announced their new feature called Stories. Ever since Instagram was bought by Facebook back in 2012, it has become one of the most used social networks on a day to day basis. Whilst you, as a small business […]

3 Must-Have LinkedIn Tools To Attract More Clients

Must-Have LinkedIn Tools To Attract More Clients

With over 35% of users accessing LinkedIn every day and 25 million profiles viewed on a daily basis, LinkedIn is the most effective B2B marketing tool. LinkedIn has, over the last 5 years become one of the leading social networks, and the most influential professional social network. With 2 new members joining LinkedIn every second, […]

Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile in 10 Simple Steps

In 2016, 64% of B2B social referrals to a website come directly from LinkedIn. Only 17% come from Facebook, and 14% from Twitter. LinkedIn is your mini-website. This is the place that people will come to read more about you, and your business. Creating long-term relationships with potential clients inside of LinkedIn will only prove […]

15 Blogging Ideas To Inspire You To Write Great Content

Blogging Ideas

Brands that are blogging WITH a purpose in mind achieve a 63% increase in engagement, and a 58% increase in revenue. Most small businesses face many struggles on a daily basis, but when it comes to writing content the biggest question I get is; “What do I write about?”. Before I started actively writing content […]

How-To Improve Your SEO Strategy As A Small Business

With Google reaching over 100 billion monthly searches, YOU need to stand out as a small business and one of the best ways to do this is by having a great SEO strategy that DELIVERS RESULTS. As a small business, you will have many struggles; one of them being search engine optimisation. There are so […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Blog Traffic

If 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing, and B2B marketers say blogs generate them 67% MORE leads, you shouldn’t have to question whether to blog, or not to blog. I have been posting blog content on my Warren Knight website for the last 10 years, and have written […]

7 Step Startup Business Strategy

7 step startup business strategy

Are you 1 of the 25% of startups that do not have a strategy in place to help them grow online? When I started my first business in 1994, I had no idea about the importance of having a startup business strategy. In the last 10 years, I have grown my knowledge and fully understand […]

4 Step Holiday Shoppers Planning Guide by Facebook For Business

Facebook for business

With holiday shoppers accounting for as much as 20% of a small business’s annual sales income, YOU need to get your business ready for success by planning in advance. Facebook is the leading social network and their advertising platform (Facebook for Business) will give you a great ROI as long as you prepare, and know exactly […]

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