7 Step Startup Business Strategy

7 step startup business strategy

Are you 1 of the 25% of startups that do not have a strategy in place to help them grow online? When I started my first business in 1994, I had no idea about the importance of having a startup business strategy. In the last 10 years, I have grown my knowledge and fully understand […]

4 Step Holiday Shoppers Planning Guide by Facebook For Business


WITH HOLIDAY SHOPPERS ACCOUNTING FOR AS MUCH AS 20% OF A SMALL BUSINESS’S ANNUAL SALES INCOME, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BUSINESS READ FOR SUCCESS BY PLANNING IN ADVANCE. Facebook is the leading social network and their advertising platform (Facebook for Business) will give you a great ROI as long as you prepare, and know exactly […]

How-To Design a Digital Marketing Strategy [For Success]

DID YOU KNOW: 1 IN 5 SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS DO NOT PLAN TO USE A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY IN 2017. Regardless of whether you are selling B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), having a Digital Marketing Strategy is key when it comes to launching a new business, or launching a new product/service within an existing business. My work […]

How-to Get Sales During This Festive Season From Digital Marketing

With holiday shoppers accounting for as much as 20% of a small business’s annual sales income, you need to get your business read for success by planning in advance. Getting sales during the festive season from Digital Marketing is crucial for a small business however, do you truly understand what Digital Marketing is, and how […]

YouTube Launches Its Own Social Network Called “YouTube Community”

With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine, and third most visited site after Google and Facebook, it was only a matter of time before YouTube followed in the footsteps of Google and created their own social network. Just last week YouTube confirmed that they had been working on their own social network, which […]

Twitter Rule Change: New Character Limit Is FINALLY Here

It’s finally here: Twitter have relaxed their 140-character limit. Twitter has been one of, if not, my favourite social network to engage with my audience. I have always found that the 140-character limit, whilst being it’s biggest USP, was also it’s biggest downfall. Twitter have listened to it’s users, and have finally implemented exactly what […]

10 Words Or Phrases You Should Never Use For Online PR

The truth is that 76% of journalist have to think about their content’s potential for sharing on social media. When it comes to starting a new business, or re-inventing your current small business, PR is crucial and to be successful, you need to know what will work, and what won’t. PR can be a minefield […]

17 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Having a website is great, but are you really driving the traffic you NEED to make your small business a success? After 25+ years in sales and marketing, and 8+ years in Internet Marketing…

LinkedIn And Hashtags Are Now #BestFriends

As you know, I have always been a huge fan, and advocate of LinkedIn but they have always had one downfall. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have extensive hashtag…

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