10 Free And Easy-To-Use Image Design Tools

Did you know that 37% of marketers said that visual marketing was the second most important form of content for their business? It is no secret that 74% of Social Media marketers use visuals over and above any other form of content to promote their business. Why do you think this is? A study showed […]

Are Social Networks Search Engines? #SMO #SEO

Are social networks search engines?

Did you know that 37% of all consumers say they use Social Media to find out about products/services? The big question: Are social networks search engines? Social Media is not just a place where you can connect with potential customers. Each Social Network now has its own search functionality which is a powerful tools which […]

How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business

How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business

Did you know that people will spend 3x longer watching a video which is LIVE compared to a video which is no longer live? At the end of 2014, Facebook hosted around one billion video views per day. Facebook now hosts around 8 billion video views per day. Video consumption is undeniable. Facebook launched Facebook […]

How-To Use Instagram’s New Slideshow Feature

How-To Use Instagram's New Slideshow Feature

Did you know that Instagram users are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%? This is 58 x HIGHER than Facebook, and 120 x HIGHER than Twitter. 2017 has been the year of Instagram. First, they introduce Instagram Stories which sees 100 million daily active viewers which is over 60% of their closest rival; Snapchat’s […]

Complete PPC Guide to Facebook Niche Targeting

Complete PPC Guide to Facebook Niche Targeting

There are only 6% of all Facebook Pages advertising on Facebook which means 94% of ALL Business Facebook Pages are NOT utilising Facebook niche targeting. Spending money on PPC (pay per click) and more importantly; Facebook adverts is something that most small businesses do not consider when creating a marketing budget because they don’t know […]

7 Success Tips On Pinterest For Business

7 Success Tips On Pinterest For Business

Did you know that 93% of Pinterest users shop online, and purchase products? Pinterest is the second fastest growing social network behind SnapChat, and it is true that Pinterest does drive sales. Having been a “pinner” since the day it launched, I can say that the social network has been a great place for me […]

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