#TechTuesday: Hootsuite Adds Instagram for Social Media Management

When I appeared on Business Connections Live earlier in the year, I spoke a lot about social media and how technology is constantly changing, allowing us to connect with our audience in a variety of different ways.

This announcement is a really exciting one for me. After watching Dan Spicer (head of community at Hootsuite) on Business Connections Live a week before my show, he said they would be integrating with other social networks, as well as their already existing partnership with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Finally, you can now use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts as part of Hootsuite’s social media management software. Watch the video below, to find out how.

This is a huge benefit for businesses, using Hootsuite to schedule their social media. The only way users could actually work with Instagram as a platform was through monitoring what people were saying.

Instagram have opened up their API so that it can be integrated into applications like Hootsuite, offering full control over Instagram accounts from within the Hootsuite dashboard.

Hootsuite said the following;

“This integration will make marketers and social media managers more efficient as they will no longer have to switch between their phone and computer to track all aspects of a social media campaign.”

Using Hootsuite for Instagram gives you the ability to schedule posts, assign messages to team members, share account access and track post engagements.

You can see two images below, of posts I scheduled using this tool. The first, is a brainstorm of my soon to be released 6 week social media virtual bootcamp (stay tuned) and an image from a Keynote Talk I delivered at Google HQ.

WK_Google_Darlek     IM_6week

Do note that the scheduling isn’t as simple as it may seem. Hootsuite cannot set content live via their scheduler and can only act as a reminder. You will receive a push notification, reminding you of your post and following this through will redirect you to the Instagram app, with the selected image.

Being able to manage almost all of the main social networks from one, central place is extremely important as it means business owners can save time, whilst achieving their social media goals.

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