Free LinkedIn Training


With 62% of marketers considering LinkedIn a successful revenue driver, I knew I had to create a LIVE TRAINING for you to help you achieve success on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best B2B social network and there is no doubt about that. Over 40% of LinkedIn users check their account daily, 42% update their LinkedIn profile regularly and LinkedIn has over 430 million members. Whilst LinkedIn has been around for over 13 years, small businesses are still finding it hard to generate sales through the strategic use of LinkedIn.

I have over 8,000 connections, 220 long-form posts, and over 10,000 content followers on LinkedIn. One of my posts has received over 4800 views, 1000 likes and 70 comments and can attribute a 5-figure income JUST from LinkedIn alone, as an “All Star” profile.

Whilst as a business you might have a social media strategy to connect with your target customers, as a business owner, entrepreneur or sales and marketing manager you personally have to decide what YOU want to get from YOUR LinkedIn profile.

The one hour exclusive LinkedIn Training will cover the following;

  • My Six step formula to building your profile and generating leads
  • Build your LinkedIn network with 500 QUALITY business connections
  • How to find potential customers using LinkedIn’s search functionality
  • Get to the top of LinkedIn for your specific keywords in less than 60 seconds
  • Utilise all of LinkedIn’s features to put you one step ahead of your competition
  • How to share targeted and relevant industry information
  • Learn 3 SECRET LinkedIn features you didn’t know about
  • The do’s, and don’ts of your profile image
  • Design and implement a networking strategy

The LinkedIn Training has been specifically designed for start-ups, small businesses, marketing and sales executives and professionals who want to achieve more connections, leads and sales through the strategic use of LinkedIn.

If achieving more connections, leads and sales through LinkedIn is important to you and your business, my LinkedIn Training is a MUST-WATCH!

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