Framework For Success #TheChoiceIsYours

For the next 6 weeks, my friday blog will be dedicated to a chapter in my just released book; Think #Digital First. I won’t be sharing too much information from each chapter as it’s important you read the book from cover to cover, for your business to really benefit from what I have written. Last […]

#TechTuesday; Why You Should Use Highrise HQ

With my book Think #Digital First now available to purchase, I want to take the time to talk in more depth about each tool I have endorsed in my book and why they are so important for a modern day entrepreneur. I have already written about many tools, including Google Docs, Freelancer, Feedly, Soovle, Alltop, […]

#TechTuesday – Why You Should Use Google Docs

As someone who has been a part of the sales and marketing world for over 20 years, I have been able to improve my knowledge and understanding of the digital era, through the use of digital marketing tools and technologies. #TechTuesday is all about sharing what I believe to be important applications and websites that […]

3 of the Best Ways to Share Content on LinkedIn

Best Ways To Share Content On LinkedIn

The reason why LinkedIn has been so successful as a B2B social network is because they understand their target market and they know what tools and technologies we want to use, when looking at ways of sharing content on LinkedIn. Here are three of the best ways to gather and share content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn […]

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