10 Ways To Get Free/Cheap PR: PR Guide


Sharing your story online through PR can be difficult. If 76% of journalists say they feel the pressure to think about their story’s potential for sharing on Social Media, small businesses will be struggling too.

I am here to help YOU get free/cheap PR for your business online.

Arthur W. Page (1883-1960), the first PR man to serve on the board of directors of a major public company, offered the principle “Public perception of an organisation is determined 90 percent by what it does and 10 percent by what it says.”

We are going to focus on that 90% and get your small business doing the RIGHT things online that will lead to great PR around your business.

My 18 page guide on getting free/cheap PR will cover the following;

  1. The importance of Side Product Marketing and how I have effectively achieved this for my business.
  2. How-to research and design your on-page and off-page SEO strategy
  3. How-to reach 400 million + people in just one message.
  4. A simple, and easy-to-follow strategy for entering awards
  5. The importance of guest blogging and contributing to thought leadership websites
  6. Social Media 101: Social Media tips and tricks
  7. How-to promote another company to increase your own brand awareness
  8. How-to increase your email open rate by 26%
  9. How-to amplify your content online for free
  10. Paid tools you can use to amplify your content online

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10 Ways To Get Free/Cheap PR

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